Wooden houses Podkarpacie Voivodeship - Miejsce Piastowe


Over the years we have developed the offer of the wooden houses projects, which satisfy the tastes of our customers.

Constructions of houses are made from four-side planed wood, which dried in special chambers.

This kind of timber provides dimensional stability and durability of constructions.

For the sheating of the walls, ceiling and roofs we use damp resistant, wood based panels, such as the MFP or OSB/3. Sheating plates have good mechanical properties, so they well stiffen the whole building.

The frame construction of the walls and the roof we fill with cleading, secured from the inside by pair-insulating foil.

Such arragement of layers in the outer wall and roof surface ensures good thermal insulation and air-thightness, while providing high energy efficiency which can be further increased by using suitable facade system.


For building with wooden structure, we can ude any facade systems:

  • wood lining

  • vinyl lining

  • plaster on a layer of polystyrene

  • plaster on glass or rock wool

  • other facade materials


The most common elevations are different types of plasters on a layer of polystyrene and wood lining. Persistence of these elevations depends on compliance of technical requirements and assembly during liner facade. From the inside we can finish the building with plasterboard or wooden paneling. There are various roofing solutions, for example: bituminous tile, tin wooden tile and shingle.

Construstions of houses with light wooden skeleton, commonly called „Canadians”, are based on the wooden parts of the thickness of 38mm, and the axial spacing of every 40 or 60cm(hence the name „lightweight skeleton construction”). Houses with lightweight skeleton are assembled at the construction site. These houses are characterized by good thighness and thermal insulation.


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