About us

Create your own microclimate!


The Hat-Bud company's mission is to provide high quality at a relatively low price. We appreciate the cooperation of every client, ensuring the safety of the construction, thought-out design and attractive price. We specialize in the manufacture and installation of wooden houses both recreational and residential. We use high-quality softwood - pine, fir, larch. As a manufacturer of skeletal houses have several years of experience, and houses of wood is our passion. Our company is located in the Podkarpacie voivodeship, in Poland , a region rich in the best softwood species, therefore  we are competitive priced, and our wooden houses are built with carefully selected materials.



For many years we have projects of wooden houses that satisfies the aesthetic requirements of the most demanding customers. In every project we are open to suggestions from our customers, so ordered wood house to deliver on its expectations. Every customer can actively involving our designer to participate in the design of your wooden house of dreams. Many years of experience translates directly to the quality of construction of wooden houses, smart and safe skeleton structure, and long-term cooperation with local suppliers of wood affects the sensational compared to the competition price. This all contributed to expand our offers into the whole of Europe, we build wood houses, in France, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Slovakia , Ukraine and Russia.