Wooden houses advantages and disadvantages:


Wooden houses advantages:

• A healthy home

Wood as a natural material, possess the ability to self-regulation of the humidity, creates a unique, difficult to achieve using other technologies microclimate inside the building. In countries where there is a lot of houses with wood lives a few years longer.

• Shorter construction time

Wooden houses or summer houses assembled on the construction site creates about three months, while the house of wood brought to the construction site in full prefabrication even less about a few days.

• Wooden houses have a small weight

Lightweight design reduces the size of a wooden house foundations, so their cost is lower, and less expensive transportation of materials for the construction site.

•” Dry" technology

• Ability to build houses even in winter

In addition to the foundations of a wooden house requires no work wet, as concrete or bricklaying, allowing the construction of a wooden house can be done in the winter.

• Easy reconstruction and modernization

Construction of wooden houses allows for easy reconstruction, extension or modernization eg for moving wall whether repair or replacement of installations

•  The small thickness of external walls

• Good thermal protection home


Wooden houses disadvantages:

• Low thermal inertia

Quickly cools, but also quickly heats up.

• Reducing the span ceiling

Wooden ridge pole of ceiling to some extent limit the dimensions of the rooms ; for larger spans to be used special pull-up techniques or special ceiling girder.



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